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Aster Aweke & Wubishet Fisseha did two albums together, Wubishet on vocal and guitar and Aster on vocals. This traditional ‘Gum Gum’ is taken from volume two, which is a lot heavier than volume one, darker atmosphere. Wubishet Fisseha was releasing music from early 70s and can be found with two songs on Ethiopiques vol. 24. He also did a similar acoustic album with Almaz Kebede, along with several solo albums, all released by Tango music shop.

Aster Aweke is known as the queen of Ethiopian pop music, beginning from the 70s and up until today she has been influential for the sound of pop music in the Ethiopian diaspora and locally. This album stands out along with her first album being acoustic and very different from her later material.

Now Mitmitta music shop is closed for this rain period, but will open again late September. Meanwhile this album and many other great cassette-albums can be found at Domino Sound Record Shack in New Orleans, USA. If ever going that direction please set off some time visiting that amazing shop for rare finds in cassette and vinyl.

Here is Gum Gum (Fog fog).

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