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Found it reasonable that I’d continue and let you listen to yet another traditional tune from Wollo. Soqota is a small town that goes back in time. Being in the Amhara region, it still has several different ethnical groups living in and passing by the town. The Soqota and Wagemra area music is slightly faster than what is the case for Gonder, Godjam and Wollo traditional rhythms. Traditional nightclubs has long been presenting the different styles of Amhara, and the Soqota genre has recently become very popular through different traditional artists, i.e Kassahun Taye’s Agaw Ledj, his big hit Sora Sora, is from Lalibela, Lasta, quite close to Soqota. Trad is Pop in Ethiopia, and some of the trad is selling a lot more than any modern pop production. I love seeing this, and hope the trend has come to stay. Just take away the keyboard, and put some real instruments on to it, it could be a hit across the continents. Here is unknown artists, doing a Soqota song early 80s, Wagemra, a pure traditional Soqota song. Enjoy!

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