September 18, 2010
Audio 18 Sep 1 note

Long time since last post now. Left Ethiopia for Norway for the coming two months. Will be a little less frequent with my posting in this period, it will be back to normal in mid November.

Today’s tune is from the National theater band in late 60s, also known as the Haile Selassie I Theater. It was an important center for the development of different musical traditions, with full size orchestras using modern instruments, and directors hired from abroad. Famous singers naming Telahun Gessesse and Mahmoud Ahmed were amongst the contributors to the theater. Many musicians were developing their skills and the theater was along with some hotels and nightclubs the main stage for live music. Many new creations came out of National theater, the institution has been and is still creating amazing musicians and ideas.

Here is theatrical duet between father and daughter. Enjoy!

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